Neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, don't just worry about inflammation and pain, find out the culprit is the key

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Many people think that neck and shoulder pain, low back pain can be solved by anti-inflammatory pain, hot compress massage, in fact, this is just a way to cure the symptoms.

Anti-inflammatory and pain relief is only in the "comfort victim"

Patients with neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, if only treated according to traditional concepts, such as anti-inflammatory and pain relief, hot massage, the symptoms will be alleviated, but it is likely to relapse after a period of time.

Most of these patients have problems with poor posture or biomechanical imbalance. Poor posture means poor mechanics. In the long run, it will bring about changes in body structure, resulting in structural asymmetry and mechanical imbalance. This asymmetry can lead to muscle strain, excessive wear of joints and soft tissues, and thus various pain problems. The pain will further aggravate the posture, the mechanics is bad, and cause a vicious circle.

According to the new concept of rehabilitation, many patients can be relieved or even disappeared by correcting the mechanics, even without taking an injection and taking medicine.

In the past, anti-inflammatory painkillers and hot compress massages were only “comfort victims”. The “culprits” are still at large, and they may continue to do things at any time.

Comprehensive assessment of the “culprit” of pain

How can I find the "culprit" of pain? This requires a comprehensive assessment of the diagnosis.

Including the following six aspects:

Ultrasound examination of the musculoskeletal bone (commonly speaking, it is for the muscles, tendons, ligaments, peripheral nerves, joints to do B-ultrasound, to understand their damage)

Evaluation of biological myoelectricity (see if nerves can effectively and accurately control muscles)

Joint stress analysis (positioning, orientation, quantitative analysis of spinal joint attachment motion)

Dynamic mechanical analysis (3D gait check, dynamic foot pressure monitoring, arch optical scanning, etc.)

Functional action analysis (find the wrong action pattern, analyzing the causes behind chronic pain and sports injuries from the integrity of the action system)

Psychological behavior assessment

Once you have found the cause of the pain, you can treat it accurately.

In addition to traditional treatment conditioning, it can also perform modern rehabilitation treatments such as joint loosening, soft tissue release, neuromuscular feedback training, respiratory core training, and functional reconstruction training.

In addition, for the poor alignment of the spine, the chiropractic pulse gun can be used for spinal adjustment; for the high pressure and protrusion of the intervertebral disc, the non-surgical spinal decompression system can be used for decompression; for the lower limbs and ankle mechanical abnormalities, the orthopedic insole can be used for correction.

Through targeted and systematic training and mechanical adjustment, the patient's pain can be effectively and permanently relieved, or even eliminated, and the chance of recurrence is small.

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